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Eat no red meat and pick up trash

Another day picking up trash and another day of successfully not eating any red meat 

Dag 18

Another day picking up trash and another day of successfully not eating any red meat 

Another day of picking up trash (and remembering to take a picture of it) along with not eating meat 👍

I’ve picked up trash for another day and continued not eating meat. 

Dag 9:

Once again, on my way to school, I picked up trash. I admit that it felt good whenever I picked a piece of trash up because it makes me feel like I am participating in helping the enviroment, even though it’s through such a small act. Especially when compared with eating no red meat, I feel that picking up trash makes me feel a lot better because through my actions I’m doing something.in addition, I did not eat any red meat today .

Dag 8:

I did not managed to pick up any trash today on my way to and from school because i was running late in the morning and I had to rush to the bus in the afternoon. However, I did not eat any red meat accept for a small piece of ham that I was supposed to take out of my sandwich but ended up eating because I was distracted. 

Dag 5:

Today, I did not eat any meat and when walking to school I picked up several trash from the ground. It is interesting because I feel that there is already less trash on the ground now than there was when we first started the cChallenge and I think it is because we have been picking trash for a while and to know this feels good because it shows that we are actually making a difference .

Dag 4:

I forgot that we had to log down every day but so far I have been pretty successful by not eating any meat and I have picked up some trash these past days on my way to school from the train station.