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I must confess that since the 20th I have not picked up trash as frequently as I used to. However, it must be said that I am not leaving the house today, and yesterday I was at work from 9-19, so I was not out walking. ( I was also driven home from work, so I did not have an opportunity to pick up trash). Friday I also had no chance to pick up trash as I had to take the bus to get to work on time from school and a colleague drove me home. I will admit that Wednesday and Thursday are the two days where I had the chance to pick up trash, and I should have done so. It was just so cold, and my girlfriend and I had to pace to reach the train to get home. We did, however, pick up all plastic bottles we found on the way and will donate the “pant” towards our project Habitat for humanity. This is, unfortunately, the last day of the C-challenge and I can honestly say that is has made me more aware of the trash that is thrown carelessly on the ground and the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. I will, even after the c-challenge, continue to take the train to and fro school as well as I will be picking up trash when I can as well as picking up plastic bottles. I see that c-challenge as a success and I compliment myself for a job well done (and to my girlfriend as well) 🎊

Dag 16: IB ELEV 😎


Day 16 of the c-challenge has now elapsed, and we are slowly but surely entering the last days of the challenge.  Today I took the train to school, which has now become a standard procedure as I have become used to it, it has become a habit. This is very good, because, as I have stressed these last 16 days, it reduces carbon emissions. Furthermore, today my girlfriend and I picked up trash on the way to the train, however, once again it was so god damn freezing so we were not able to collect every bit of it. A positive side to the freezing weather is that we concluded based on the low temperature that it has been these last two days, that that has been the reason there was not as much garbage today. (people just didn’t walk out when it was that cold.) As you have probably also noticed there is no image linked in today’s post, the reason being we had to run to catch the train at Billingsatd and had to throw away our plastic bag asap. (We could not bring it onto the train as we had picked up the last big and small pieces from the destroyed subwoofer). 

Dag 15: IB ELEV 😎


Aaand I am back once again! Took a lovely train ride to school, to reduce carbon emissions (might I add that the walk from the station and school was freezing). I would also like to say that the walk from school to the train was no better. My hands were freezing and my girlfriend I found it particularly difficult to hold the plastic bag, as we were losing all feeling in our fingers by the second. We did, however, manage to pick up a few plastic bottles and pieces from a broken, smashed and destroyed subwoofer. Tomorrow we plan on bringing warm gloves along with a better frame of mind (as picking up garbage was not very tempting when trying not to freeze to death). And with that this last Monday of the C- the challenge has passed, and we look towards the new day to come! 

Dag 14: IB ELEV 😎


As most of you have probably not noticed, it has been quiet from me these last three days. Reason being I have not had an opportunity to pick up any plastic as I have not been out walking. However, I had a short visit to Sandvika on Saturday where I took the train and not the buss… toooo… reduce carbon emissions. Friday I had to run to get to work on time and on my way home it was unfortunately too dark to see anything (And I had forgot my plastic bag), Saturday I didn’t walk (in that sense), and today I have been doing chores at home and homework, so once again no opportunity to pick up trash. I am however ready to take on a new week with my plastic bag and the train. I’m still hopeful that I shall recruit more people who will pick up garbage when they are out walking!  

Dag 11: IB ELEV 😎


Helloooo once again! I have been gone one day since I, unfortunately, was unable to pick up trash yesterday. To make up for this my girlfriend and I carefully inspected the sidewalks up and down and collected all the trash from the day before and today on our way home. It still surprises us how much garbage that is thrown onto the streets and how much of it is just a few meters away from a trashcan. I took the train as usual to reduce carbon emissions, and I find it very soothing and relaxing. As previously mentioned I would from now on always be taking the train to and fro school! 😊On the downside of things, I will admit that I am feeling disappointed that we have still not been able to recruit more people to pick up plastic when they are out walking. However, I am still keeping my hopes up, and I remain as dedicated to this challenge as before. Once again, wishing myself the best of good luck! 

Dag 9: IB ELEV 😎



And so there passes another day of the C-Challenge! I took the train as usual to reduce carbon emission and picked up trash in a plastic bag once again. Today my girlfriend and I picked up trash both on our way to school and on our way home. We were surprised to see that more trash had been thrown where we had just picked up some a few hours before. An interesting thing to note is that some of the garbage we find is less than 1 meter from a trashcan. Why people can’t take that 1 step and use those arm muscles to place the trash in the trashcan will forever remain a mystery to me 🤔 once again, continuous good luck and trash free says ahead!  

Dag 8: IB ELEV 😎


Day 8 of the C- Challange has now elapsed, and I must say I am still amazed by the amount of garbage that ends up on the sidewalk. Today my girlfriend and I picked up trash on our way home and once again picked a whole bag full. (There is a pair of broken subwoofers on the way to the train which we hope soon to be able to throw away 😉). Just Like for the last 7 Days I have taken the train to and fro school to reduce my carbon emissions and I am pleased to say it looks as if I will be taking the train permanently from now on as the trains are quicker (40 minutes of walking is worth it) and are more reliable then the buss. I wish myself again continuous good luck! And I hope to meet people who are inspired by our efforts and wants to pick up plastic as well when they are out walking. 

Dag 7: IB ELEV 😎


My plans for today are to stay inside as there will be around 31.3mm rain, although this means no plastic will be picked up by me today I will be sure to pick up tomorrow. It will also be interesting tomorrow to see if there is as much garbage,  as it has been raining this whole weekend. Since my plans don’t include leaving the house today, I will not be releasing any carbon emissions by car or bus, giving me no reason to take the train. I’m hoping that the weather will keep the litterers inside 

Dag 6: IB ELEV 😎


Unfortunately, today’s plans do not include leaving the house. Therefore I will unfortunately not be picking up any garbage today. I am hoping however that the expected rain will keep people inside, not giving them the opportunity to throw their trash on the ground 😉 . Also, me not leaving the house means no reason for me to take the train instead of releasing carbon emissions by car taking by taking the bus. 

Dag 5: IB ELEV 😎


So the first five days of the C-Challange has now gone by, and I have taken the train all five days instead of the busses to reduce carbon emissions. Today my girlfriend and I+ Yi Cheng picked up trash on our way to school, and we were all surprised by the amount of garbage that was on the ground between the school and Kiwi. Luckily there was almost no garbage on my way to the train today as I had picked it up yesterday. However, unfortunately having forgotten my bag I was unable to pick up all the trash that had gathered up during the day on my way home, although I was able to pick up some of it. Picking up trash has made me very aware of garbage, and I found myself on my way back home from work looking around making sure nobody was throwing their litter on the ground (and of course some people did, and I immediately went over and put it in the nearest trash can). Wishing myself continuous good luck and we shall see what the new week has to bring!    

Dag 4: IB ELEV 😎


And so again yet another day ends, it’s been hushed lately on my way home from school/work, but I am guessing there are fewer people out walking around 9-10 in the evening (😂). However, an advantage of walking home so late is that all the trash from the day has now been placed perfectly for me to take my Kiwi pose (cause we have too many of those) and pick up the garbage for the day. I took the train as usual instead of the two busses once again to reduce carbon emissions. Due to the late walk, I was not able to recruit any garbage pickers today (as people are for some reason not a fan of walking in the rain? 🤔, and I am pretty sure unfortunately that I will not have any better luck tomorrow since I am walking home late then as well. However, I am remaining optimistic for the remainder of the C-challenge and will continue my dedicated effort! 

Dag 3: IB ELEV 😎


Another day has now passed, and I once again took the train to and fro school, as planned for the next 18 days. Today I picked up trash along the road as usual as  I have done these last two previous days, and I must say I am stunned by the amount of garbage that is thrown on the ground every day. There is always something every time I walk the same route. Today when I walked home it was very quiet once again, and I did not meet anyone. Although I have been a bit disappointed these last two days about not being able to recruit new people who will pick up trash I am still optimistic that I will meet some people eventually. In the meantime, I will remain positive and compliment myself on my effort, and I wish myself further good luck with this challenge! 

Dag 2: IB ELEV 😎


Today I took the train to school once again as scheduled for the next 19 days. The reason I decided to start taking the train is that it would stop me from taking two buses to get to school, and in an effort to reduce carbon emissions I am therefore taking the train! On our way home, my girlfriend and I once again picked up garbage. Today it was very quiet, and we did not meet anyone so unfortunately today we were not able to recruit anyone who would pick up trash the next time they went for a walk. However, we shall not disregard the excellent job we did, (yes I am bragging 😂). Great continuation from the day before and we are keeping the good spirit! 

Dag 1: IB ELEV 😎


The first day of the C-Challenge has now elapsed, and I am delighted to say I have made an impact. I took the train to school as planned and I picked up trash on my way home with my girlfriend. There was more then we had expected and the bag was filled to the brim almost instantly. While we were picking up garbage, there was a stranger who caught up to us, and as he passed he said: “dere gjør en veldig god jobb med a plukke opp søppel, dere er gode eksempler,  neste gang jeg skal gå meg en tur skal jeg nå også begynne med det”. We had successfully passed on the concept of picking up trash, and with that, the C-Challange was officially opened with a great start!